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Wet Edge Technologies Pool Finishes

Wet Edge Technologies has created the most innovative swimming pool finishes in the industry.

These cutting-edge aggregate finishes are durable and beautiful at the same time. All Wet Edge finishes are handcrafted and custom-made for each swimming pool. Each finish is white cement based, but with blended polymers to make them denser and more durable. Now that we know what sets Wet Edge apart from traditional plaster pool finishes, let’s take a look at the differences in each of the Wet Edge finishes.

Although the pool finish is just one component of a pool, it's probably the most visible (and important). We offer over 70 different color choices in 6 distinct product lines and the tools you need to find the finish you're looking for. Check out the unique Wet Edge features below:


Aqua Blue

Aqua Pearl

Black Magic

Black Velvet


Chilean Beach

Chilean Beach Gold

Chilean Beach Plum

Chilean Beach Tahoe

Cool Blue

Dove Grey

Irish Cream

Jet Black


Midnight Ocean

New Zealand Blue

New Zealand Tropical

North Shore Plum

North Shore Tahoe

Polar White

Smoke Grey

Soft White

Supreme White

Tahitian Blue

Tahitian Tropical

White Diamonds

White Pearl

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